Inspired by the ever-changing moors on the Jurassic Coast, wool carpet specialists Axminster Carpets’ Myth and Moor collection is a stunning assortment of plaids and tartans. Revealing the beauty of the Devon landscape with powdery blue skies, rich warm heathers and ground shades of granite and quartz, the Royal Warrant Holder delivers an endlessly versatile range of carpets in 12 different designs.

Made in Axminster, Myth and Moor uses Axminster Carpets’ unique 8-pitch loom, the highest quality yarn and finest weave to bring out the magnificent detail in each and every pattern. Offering not only exceptional practicality and sustainability, a wool carpet can also bring health benefits purifying the air in a room. Providing a long-lasting look and luxurious feel for years to come, this fantastic natural material actively repels dirt, is easy to clean and has the added benefit of excellent acoustic qualities. Keeping your home warm in the winter, wool also naturally insulates whilst remaining breathable to control damp and moisture.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, Axminster Carpets have been made in Devon since 1755. Offering only wool and wool-rich carpet, Axminster Carpets combines centuries of knowledge with a secret blend of wool to deliver supreme luxury, durability and premium performance with every carpet.

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